Saturday, 18 September 2010

Size doesn't matter.

The Discovery board is quite a chunky thing, and I've ended up having to splash out on a new breadboard to fit it. Even then, there's only about a pin and a half visible on the left and half a pin on the right.

The other thing I've had to do is cut off pins PB10-PB15 (the six at the bottom). They are odd pins for counters and so on, but nothing too important. If I do need them I can always plug on the top of the board.

My Breadboard
This shows where I am now. Not much to see - the 220R resistor is visible on the top right of the board (this is the one that pulls the boot line to logic '1'). At the far top left you can see my serial connector which is currently on a "loop back" test. (the bit of wire connects Rx and Tx).

The next part involves building a serial interface. Unfortunately, RS232 (the PC serial port) and the STM board don't like each other, so I have to build a little bit of circuitry to convert the voltage levels.

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